Hi there, This is my first attempt at starting a blog and I have no idea where it will lead! All I know is that I feel challenged to do it, so do it I will. I know sometimes I will be bubbling over with thoughts for this blog and at other times I will struggle to come up with an idea to share, but I am committed over the next while, once a month, to jot down some thoughts and share what I feel God is speaking to me about or what he has shown me in the day to day moments of my life. So I hope you will come with me on a journey and share some of your thoughts below as we travel through this maze of exciting experiences and challenging times.

Does God provide in miraculous ways? Absolutely!

Over the last 3 years or so we have lived this reality sometimes on a day by day basis as God has taken us on an adventure of trusting him completely for our daily bread. Grae and I returned from the UK in 2011 and for the first 2 and a half years we devoted our time almost completely to working in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, volunteering at a children’s village and working among the poor and sick in the valley. Then a year ago we felt God tell us to reduce our hours in the valley. Grae was to begin a business as a graphic and website designer, something he had done as a hobby for several years, and I was to write a book God laid on my heart- The Fortress! Of course starting a business is never easy and so for some time we were still very much trusting God for bills, rent and food. At last, in about September we began to actually make enough money to survive on each month and for a few months we felt like we could breathe again. But when the world stopped for Christmas, the jobs did too, and since then- over 7 months, Grae has had barely any paid work. This has not been for lack of advertising, and networking. In fact, he has had several promises of good jobs, but each one has either been delayed or not panned out and we have been left, once again, needing to completely trust God for our every need! Now, when we were working in the valley full time this was easier- we felt like we were doing something that warranted God providing for us! But now that we were only going in once or twice a week we felt like we did not deserve to have people give to us. And here is where the greatest lesson has been learned- that God does not provide because of what we do, but because we are his children! We also realised that God wants us to get to that place where we will trust him to provide no matter what, like children trust their parents. Not because we deserve it, are super-spiritual or amazingly righteous, because we will never be any of those things, but because he is God and he can do anything. And he wants us to know that! It is both a marvellous lesson and a humbling one at the same time. A few weeks back we were rent-less and the first of the month had come and gone. All we could do was cling on to God, and pray for a miracle. And it came. An old friend we had not been in touch with for a couple of years, suddenly called, and told us that God had said he needed to give us some money, and it was almost exactly what we needed for rent and bills. The relief was incredible! But the miracles did not stop there for us that day. We took a donation of food into the valley to a little orphanage. A lady from our church had given us money for the orphanage and that morning we had bought essentials to take to them. The lady who runs the orphanage was overwhelmed because they did not have any food, it was the beginning of the month and already their money had been used up. God is a generous provider- for all his children. We were blessed and we were able to be a bridge that brought the blessing to others. Can God provide miraculously- absolutely! Does he? Oh yes he does! We are living, walking proof of that. Now we just need to get to that place of complete surrender- not holding on white knuckled, but resting in the loving arms of our father who generously provides all our needs.  

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