Before I began to write this book I had never really wanted to write at all. My school essays had never achieved very high marks and I definitely did not feel that writing was a talent to be explored further. But God often reveals our talents when the circumstances are right and we are able to use them to bring glory to Him. Like a diamond being created under immense pressure, The Fortress only emerged during a time of struggle and holding on for dear life to God and His promises. Yet even as I began to write the book, I had no idea whether it would ever get to a place of being printed, sold or read by anyone else but myself. I simply began to note down what I felt God was revealing to me. Research had shown me that most books were between 40 and 60000 words and after 10 000, my words ran out and I thought that was the end. However, gradually I received a new surge of creativity and inspiration until 25000 words, when once again the tanks ran dry. The more I wrote, the more the dream of seeing the book reach the shelves began to grow. It seemed like an unattainable desire- really who was I to write a book? Nevertheless, on the 28th of August 2015 I got to hold the first printed, bound copy of my book. It was a surreal experience!

Tami first book speaking


Since then it has been a roller coaster of social media promotion, speaking about my book to small and large groups, and on the 12th of September I officially launched the book with family and friends. Books have been sent to people round the country and 198 books have winged their way to the UK to be sold there. But, it is good to pause and look back and realise what God has brought to pass. This book is nothing short of a miracle. The inspiration, the help I have received from friends and family, the favour I have had from printers and my editor, the financial miracles…if it weren’t for all these The Fortress would not have materialised and I would not be standing in wonder, holding a book that bears my name.

Left: Speaking at a Women’s Fundraiser, the day after I received the printed copy of The Fortress.

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Below: The Book Launch which took place on the 12 September 2015 at City Hill Church Waterfall