Hi there. By now you will know that my name is Tami Wright, and I am currently living in South Africa in a little town called Waterfall near Durban.

Here I am with my awesome husband Graeme and my 2 children Jonathan and Gaby. We recently returned to South Africa after the adventure of living in London in the UK for 15 years and we are enjoying the sun, the outdoors and being surrounded by green trees after so many years in the city!



As I mentioned, I have spent the last year writing a book called The Fortress and it is exciting to see it in its final stages and almost about to be released to the world. For more about my book, click on the button below.



Once a week we also have the privilege of running an Early Child development program in a little crèche in the Valley of a Thousand Hills. These little kiddies make our week with their hugs and expressive singing.

We also visit this hero of the faith- Gogo Thembi- and help her get to the clinic and her hospital visits as she is in a wheel chair and impossibly far from a taxi route.


Below here are links to some of the places we have fallen in love with since we have returned to South Africa, including IKhethelo, a beautiful Children’s Village full of life and hope where we volunteered for 2 years, and our own little ministry called OneHope which we started to be a bridge between those who want to give and those who have needs. It has been awesome to see how the needs aren’t always just provided by those who have lots. Our Gogo Thembi has been very instrumental in bringing hope to the very people who came to minister to her! God has his own ways of providing for all our needs.